Save Young Avenue

The houses along Young Avenue are at risk. Dino Capital Ltd. is purchasing them, demolishing them, and consolidating lots.

Young Avenue is a treed boulevard leading to Point Pleasant Park. Since the street was built, it was intended to be a grand entrance to the park, lined by large homes. The street was one of the first City Beautiful projects in the city, and in 1896 the street was protected by “An Act Relating to Young Avenue in the City of Halifax,” passed by the provincial legislature. The provisions of the Act were moved to the City Charter in 1907, but were removed in the ’60s.

Currently only two properties on the street are registered Heritage Properties; George Wright House at 989 Young Ave. and the Admirals House at 770 Young Ave.

851 Young ave was demolished before it could be registered, however the report suggests it was significant enough to warrant registration.

The same developer that removed 851, has now begun demolishing 825 Young Ave, Also known as the Fram House, despite tenants still living there on current valid leases. Council was requested by the Heritage Advisory Committee to fast-track the application process, however the vote to do so was lost 10-6 in part due to the damage caused by the developer, and apparently the city is of the opinion that heritage status does not revoke already issued demolition permits, since The Heritage Act doesn’t say that happens.

AGBANS disagrees.

Since the Heritage Act requires approval of council for a heritage demolition, and the as-of-right permit issued doesn’t have council approval, it is not valid if the heritage status is granted. The Heritage Act clearly requires council approval of demolitions, and has no exemptions or grandfather clauses for already issued permits.

Adams, Walker, Rankin, Johns, Craig, Mosher, Dalyrmple, Karsten, McCluskey, Mancini were the votes to not fast track the process.

Once again, this appears to be a  case of planning decisions made in the ’60s coming back to haunt us.

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