Tsimiklis Appeal to UARB Details

The Full Appeal Can be Read in the attached Tsimiklis Appeal to UARB Sep 16, 2017 (PDF)

The Arguments for the appeal are that:

“Young Avenue is designated as a family-type housing accommodation but conversions of existing larger homes on Young Avenue had previously been converted to more than one dwelling unit i.e. residential apartments /flats.”


A number of properties on Young Avenue had previously been subdivided creating smaller lots and new houses were constructed on the smaller lots thereby altering the scale, type and the intensity of the housing stock in the neighbourhood.
The Decision of the HWCC did not reasonably carry out the aforementioned policies of the Halifax Municipal Planning Strategy in that the neighbourhood had already changed from a predominantly family-type housing accommodation on larger lots to family-type housing converted to more than one dwelling unit (apartments/flats) and there had been numerous smaller family-type homes constructed on smaller lots on Young Avenue which had already changed the character, scale and form of Young Avenue.

Another Endangered Property – 785 Young Ave.

This mansion at 785 Young Ave was sold Feb 20, 2018 to, as rumor has it, a developer. Should the appeal of the LUB be successful, the mansion will likely be torn down, and the large property divided up into two forty-foot lots.

The House was built for lumber merchant, J. Alfred MacInnes in 1909. According to Viewpoint.ca, It sold for $1,648,000 and was last listed at $1,849,999.

You can read more about this house, and See plans and interior photos at https://yadhcs.wixsite.com/youngavenue/j-alfred-macinnes-mansion

UPDATE March 06 2018: The Buyer is a businessman with a Chinese name. He and his Business partner own a House in Bedford and a Condo on Barrington Street. They do not appear to be developers.

Protest Today @ Elmwood Hotel

Some folks are meeting at 1pm Saturday Sept 16 to protest the demolition of the Elmwood Hotel. Though demolition permits have been issued, Public awareness may have an effect on the developers intentions.

Feel Free to join in at 1pm

2017 Jane’s Walks


Peter Ziobrowski will be leading a walk down  Young Ave.

Meet Friday at Noon, at the woman’s council house. walk will depart 12:15ish and take about 30min.


Oathill Lake

MEET: by the concrete outfall (close to the corner of Lorne Avenue and Fairfield Avenue)
AT: Sat 9:00
Lead By: Iain Macleod

Oathill Lake is a small gem of a lake practically hidden in the heart of downtown Dartmouth. Depending on the season, the lake is a playground for swimming and boating, fishing and skating. The surrounding parkland is incredibly diverse, home to one of the most extensive selections of native plant species.Come and discover one of Dartmouth’s most appealing natural attractions. Over a short stroll, we’ll explain our efforts to conserve the ecology of this wonderful water system.

Mainland North Linear Trail

MEET: Westridge Drive off Willett Street, parking lot near ball field and dog park.
AT:Sat 9am
Lead By:Wendy Macdonald

Explore Mainland North along the Linear Trail, an Active Transportation route that links neighbourhoods and community assets as well as providing an active living corridor. Join members of Halifax North West Trails. Families welcome.

Everything you wanted to know about Edward Cornwallis but were afraid to ask

MEET: Outside of Murphys the Cable Wharf (aka Murphy’s on the Waterfront)
AT:Sat 10:30
Lead By: Jon Tatrie

We start at Murphy’s the Cable Wharf, walk up to the Parade Square, and then  up to Citadel Hill. In about an hour, we’ll learn what Cornwallis was doing here, why he chose this site, and why the Mi’kmaq people resisted

The ‘Common Link’ Walk

MEET: The fountain at the South end of Victoria Park (near the corner of University Avenue and South Park)
AT:Sat 10:00
Lead By:Ron Scott

Walk the ‘Common Link’ – a beautiful 5 kilometer pathway linking Halifax’s inner city green spaces and its surrounding areas. Phase 2 of the Common Link pathway project is planned for implementation this summer.

Downtown Dartmouth’s Oldest  Houses

MEET: Queen Street Post Office, Downtown Dartmouth.
AT:Sat 11:00am
Lead By:David Jones

Join archaeologist and local historian David Jones for an exploration of the early built heritage of Downtown Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Meet at 11am, Saturday, at the Queen Street Post Office, Downtown Dartmouth.

Halifax Real Estate Development 101

MEET:Corner of Sackville and South Park in front of Public Gardens.
AT:Sat 1:00pm
Lead By:Kouroush Rad

Wondering about all the new development projects happening in and around Halifax? Trying to wrap your head around the development process and the Centre Plan? Worried about the balance between heritage preservation and progress? We’ll take a walk around Downtown and talk about developments recently completed, under construction, or planned. As part of the discussion, we will point out good heritage preservation, planning, urban design, and architectural practices. More importantly, we will discuss the effects of these projects in the future of Halifax and Dartmouth and try to answer the questions “who is going to live in all these new places anyway?”, “where does the money come from?” and “what should we expect as our urban centres continue to grow?”

The Hydrostone

Meet: Agricola@ young, by the brewery
AT:Sat 2:30
Lead By:Jenny Lugar

The Hydrostone was planned and built following the near total destruction of the North End of the peninsula due to the Halifax Explosion in 1917. Its original purpose was to provide affordable housing to families in the working class who had been displaced by the Explosion. Since then, the demographic of the neighbourhood has changed significantly, and the Hydrostone has won awards from the Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) as one of the “Great Places in Canada”. This walking tour will explore the original plan for the Hydrostone and why the neighbourhood has won national awards, while also exploring the theme of gentrification and housing affordability on the Peninsula by looking at the change in demographics and housing trends since the 1950s.


Storm Porches

corner of Queen and Morris Streets and ends on Tower Road.
AT:Sun 9:00AM
Lead By:Stephen Archibald

Storm porches are a charming feature on many nineteenth century houses in the Old South End. They provide weather protection in our cold winters and add a distinctive rhythm to our streetscapes. If you’ve never stopped to notice them, you’re in for a treat.

Sawmill River

AT:Sun 11:30am
Lead By:Sam Ausitn

Ferry Tales; a cross-harbour journey

Catch 1pm Ferry
AT:Sun 12:50
Lead By:David Jones

Weary from too many amazing Jane’s Walks? Come ride the ferry and explore our beautiful harbour with historian and archaeologist David Jones. Don’t worry, we’ll still walk a bit…

Transit Through the Ages: examining the past, present, and future of transit in downtown Halifax.

MEET:Victoria Park at the Robbie Burns statue
AT:Sun 2:00
Lead By:Ben Wedge

Stitching Gottingen and Downtown Back Together.

MEET:7 Bays
AT:Sun 3:30
Lead By:Tristan Cleaveland

Gottingen is once again experiencing a heyday. The downtown should also soon experience a boon as large new construction projects finish. That it currently feels dehumanizing to walk between them will hamper the success of both. It is time we undo the mistakes of the past and make it fun and enticing to walk from Gottingen to Downtown and vice versa. We will discuss changes the city could make, both small and big, to ensure you don’t feel like you’ve entered a no-man’s land just to walk from one part of downtown to another.
Lead By:TJ Maguire Sun 3:30

North Park Armoury to be Repaired

On Januray 10th, the Feds Announced a new Armoury will be constructed at willow park. As part of the announcement, they informed that work would be done on the North Park Armoury. You can read about the history of the Armoury at http://agbans.ca/2016/10/08/the-halifax-drill-hall/

the release stated:

“Rehabilitation of the North Park Armoury will begin in the coming months, and will ensure this National Historic Site and classified Heritage Building continues to support the Army Reserve in Halifax. It will house The Princess Louise Fusiliers and The Halifax Rifles (Royal Canadian Armoured Corps), as well as two army cadet corps. The upcoming phase of the project will involve reconstruction of the west wall.”

Today, the feds released an advanced procurement notice, basically telling vendors there will be a tender coming allowing them additional time to prepare. Below is the scope of work from the notice.

Description of the Project

The work is for Phase 2 of the heritage rehabilitation of exterior walls of the North Park Armoury, which includes selective replacement of exterior stonework of the north, east and south walls, as well as remaining part of the west wall. The North Park Armoury is a federally designated “Classified” heritage building and part of a National Historic Site.

Description of the Services 

The North Park Armoury rehabilitation project Phase 2 includes design services for the following Scope of Work:
• Rehabilitation of exterior walls, which includes selective replacement of exterior stonework of the north, east and south walls as well as remaining part of the west wall. Construction documents for rehabilitation of the central part of the west wall have been completed during Phase 1;
• Structural roof reinforcement and replacement of the roof shingles;
• Ground level concrete slab and other concrete walls repairs excluding perimeter foundation wall;
• Heritage conservation of windows;
• Rehabilitation of integral building systems (e.g. electrical, mechanical, fire safety, communications);
• Functional interior fit-up and renovations to meet the operational requirements.
• Abatement of hazardous materials;
• Force Protection upgrades;
• Seismic study and design provisions;
• Accessibility design upgrades;
• Design upgrades to comply with the current Building Code where appropriate considering the Heritage aspect of the building.
The estimated construction cost is in the order of $50,000,000.00.

AGBANS Are Now The Organizers of Jane’s Walk Halifax.

janes-walk-430x430With the Election of Sam Austin to Regional Council, AGBANS has offered and agreed to take over organization of this annual event. the 2017 walks will be taking place the weekend of May 6/7 2017. We will have more details closer to the event.

Jane’s Walk is a movement of free, citizen-led walking tours inspired by Jane Jacobs. The walks get people to tell stories about their communities, explore their cities, and connect with neighbours.