Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you creating this group?
There is a feeling that the existing groups are too narrowly focused, bordering on NIMBYism and are ineffective in opposing bad development, through their inability to compromise. We hope to offer an alternative, and will strive to publicly advocate on the issues from the beginning.

Why the name the Action Group for Better Architecture in Nova Scotia (AGBANS)?
The name and logo (and some imagery we are currently using)is an appropriation from AGBANY, which was a group formed to fight the demolition of Penn Station in New York. The name is a better reflection of what the group is aiming to accomplish then say other possibilities, such as “the Architectural Conservancy of Nova Scotia”, or “Heritage Halifax”.

For More on AGBANY, see this NY Times Piece

How Do I Join?
We will have open memberships shortly (once be become a legal entity of our own). If you want to get involved, please submit your name and email on the form on the main page and we will be in touch.

How Do I Contribute Financially?
See previous answer. For transparencey reasons, we are reluctant to accept donations at this time until they can be booked against the organization.