North Park Armoury to be Repaired

On Januray 10th, the Feds Announced a new Armoury will be constructed at willow park. As part of the announcement, they informed that work would be done on the North Park Armoury. You can read about the history of the Armoury at

the release stated:

“Rehabilitation of the North Park Armoury will begin in the coming months, and will ensure this National Historic Site and classified Heritage Building continues to support the Army Reserve in Halifax. It will house The Princess Louise Fusiliers and The Halifax Rifles (Royal Canadian Armoured Corps), as well as two army cadet corps. The upcoming phase of the project will involve reconstruction of the west wall.”

Today, the feds released an advanced procurement notice, basically telling vendors there will be a tender coming allowing them additional time to prepare. Below is the scope of work from the notice.

Description of the Project

The work is for Phase 2 of the heritage rehabilitation of exterior walls of the North Park Armoury, which includes selective replacement of exterior stonework of the north, east and south walls, as well as remaining part of the west wall. The North Park Armoury is a federally designated “Classified” heritage building and part of a National Historic Site.

Description of the Services 

The North Park Armoury rehabilitation project Phase 2 includes design services for the following Scope of Work:
• Rehabilitation of exterior walls, which includes selective replacement of exterior stonework of the north, east and south walls as well as remaining part of the west wall. Construction documents for rehabilitation of the central part of the west wall have been completed during Phase 1;
• Structural roof reinforcement and replacement of the roof shingles;
• Ground level concrete slab and other concrete walls repairs excluding perimeter foundation wall;
• Heritage conservation of windows;
• Rehabilitation of integral building systems (e.g. electrical, mechanical, fire safety, communications);
• Functional interior fit-up and renovations to meet the operational requirements.
• Abatement of hazardous materials;
• Force Protection upgrades;
• Seismic study and design provisions;
• Accessibility design upgrades;
• Design upgrades to comply with the current Building Code where appropriate considering the Heritage aspect of the building.
The estimated construction cost is in the order of $50,000,000.00.

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