Tsimiklis Appeal to UARB Details

The Full Appeal Can be Read in the attached Tsimiklis Appeal to UARB Sep 16, 2017 (PDF)

The Arguments for the appeal are that:

“Young Avenue is designated as a family-type housing accommodation but conversions of existing larger homes on Young Avenue had previously been converted to more than one dwelling unit i.e. residential apartments /flats.”


A number of properties on Young Avenue had previously been subdivided creating smaller lots and new houses were constructed on the smaller lots thereby altering the scale, type and the intensity of the housing stock in the neighbourhood.
The Decision of the HWCC did not reasonably carry out the aforementioned policies of the Halifax Municipal Planning Strategy in that the neighbourhood had already changed from a predominantly family-type housing accommodation on larger lots to family-type housing converted to more than one dwelling unit (apartments/flats) and there had been numerous smaller family-type homes constructed on smaller lots on Young Avenue which had already changed the character, scale and form of Young Avenue.

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